Educational Benefits of Roboduel

Roboduel is a competitive, game based learning tool, where students play in Head to Head, Team vs. Team, or Trials matches to advance their skills

Why compete in Roboduel?

Extrinsic Motivation

Competition offers students an extrinsic motivation to get started
with or continue their coding and robotics journey. Students’ motivations shift from extrinsic competitions to intrinsic enjoyment of the game and growth.

Global Competitions

Head to Head matches offer one versus one competition in a variety of games modes, with ranked and private matches available, students can compete against peers around the world or in their classroom.

Teamwork Skills

Team vs. Team matches let students work together and develop their teamwork skills while competing against teams from their own classroom, club, or extending out to global rankings

Track Your Progress

Trials let students compete with each other in an asynchronous format, with time, point, and defense trials. Game points and rankings give students clear feedback on their progress. Students can track their own progress and see how they stack up against the strongest competition.

See what your students will learn!

Students will improve their robotics and coding skills in an environment with direct gamified feedback that is familiar.

A robotics focus gives students a chance to engage in applying STEM skills, with a particular focus on technology, engineering and mathematics skills.

  • Problem solving
  • Analysis
  • Iterative
  • Planning
  • Calculation
  • Optimising solutions

Coding skills are important in Roboduel, students will need to program their Roboduel creations to complete a variety of tasks autonomously, encouraging students to develop and implement optimised algorithms while putting their basic programming skills to the test

  • Algorithm
  • Interacting with APIs
  • Developing and using
    modular programs
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Practicing technical
    reading skills

Team based competitions, provide students with a chance to put teamwork skills into practice

  • Defining and executing
    team roles
  • Communication with
    other team members
  • Negotiating tasks
  • Conflict resolution
  • Scoping team projects
    and creating project briefs
  • Adapting to changing
  • Working under time pressure during matches

Tools to succeed!

Robotify provides key tools for students to excel in the competition environments

For more coding and robotics education check out Robotify EDU

Students can revisit other Robotify Educational offerings to improve their coding and robotics skills or even just to learn something new to apply in their matches.