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Nurturing The Makers
of The Future

By 2034, 47% of all jobs will be automated and replaced by robots. This means that we must help the next generation to learn how to control these robots and learn how to code.

Our Mission
It is our mission to make coding and robotics more affordable and more accessible for all students across the world. Using Robotify, students have 24/7 access to the latest and greatest robots without having to ever purchase real hardware.

Robotify is all in browser, so there is no need for any downloads and can be used on any device from laptops, to tablets, and even your smart phone. Just simply log in, pick a lesson and get coding - it is easy as that!
Our Story
Robotify was started by co-founders, Adam Dalton and Evan Darcy, when they were just in high school. They set out on their mission to show more students the power of programming. When they realized how remarkable robots were when it came to teaching coding, they knew they had to do something about how expensive they were too.

They set out to ensure they were more accessible to all young minds around the globe. So, they built Robotify—the best browser-based robotics simulator to teach students how to code.
Our History
July 2022
Robotify won it's first Codie award for Best Virtual Lab
May 2022
Robotify launched its first ever Python course
November 2021
Robotify was acquired by Imagine Learning
October 2021
Robotify hosted its first ever virtual expo featuring Steve Wozniack
March 2021
Robotify Educator Fundamentals Course was launched.
January 2021
First league VRAD, Sponsored by NASA with REC, was launched.
December 2020
Welcoming our friendly robot companion Axel to the world.
November 2020
European Space Agency (ESA) contract was won.
May 2020
Mutliplayer added to Robotify SIM engine with Roboduel.
March 2020
Raised seed round with EI & Angels.
January 2020
Robotify SIM Engine was created.
August 2019
Robotify EDU was born.
June 2019
The new virtual world was born.
January 2019
2D Simulator was developed.
August 2018
Robot Farm was created.
February 2017
Robotify Alpha was born.
October 2015
Started teaching kids in the classroom how to code using physical robots.
Press Highlights
Robotify’s story has been covered by some of the word’s leading media publications.

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