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Robotify has created some of the world's most innovative technology - providing high-quality in-browser solutions to use instantly across all devices (no download required). Allowing people across the globe to use our products, anywhere anytime.

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Innovative Solutions
Innovative virtual solutions for robotics hardware in education and in the world of industrial automation!
Make an Impact
Ensure students everywhere get the chance to learn coding through the fun of virtual robotics.
The future of Robotics competitions is Virtual. Join our new robotics competition platform Roboduel by sponsoring a league.
Scalable Technology
If you want to reach as many students possible, join our
global teams!

How We Can Work With You

Help bring Robotify to school children across the globe.
Competition Sponsor
Sponsor a Roboduel league to build awareness of your brand.
Scale your hardware by building a virtual twin with Robotify SIM

What Partners Say About Us

I’m impressed with the way Robotify makes coding engaging and accessible. By virtualizing the technology more young people will have the opportunity to learn and explore.

Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple Computer

Robots will have a massive role in the workplace of the future. Young people need to have opportunities to learn to code them. Robotify makes those opportunities possible without the need to purchase real robots. This levels the playing field for our learners.

Karen Young, CEO of Woz ED

I'm deeply concerned about finding & delivering equitable solutions for our students. It's not possible for every student to have a robot, yet every student should have a robotics experience. Robotify brings the world of robotics to students. It's an equitable & affordable solution.

Calvin Mackie, CEO of STEM NOLA

Robotify opens up a world of possibilities. From navigating through the Amazon Rainforest to exploring the craters of Mars - students can experience coding like never before.

David Lockett, NASA Educator, STEM Teacher

Robotify has revolutionised the way we teach coding and robotics to our students. It is a one-stop-shop for amazing educational content in robotics and programming and our students absolutely love it!

Leeanne Hinch, Academic Coordinator at CTYI

I truly could not be happier with Robotify. Their staff is highly gifted at their craft and they know how to support schools, students, and teachers. We will come back to them year after year, and we look forward to seeing how they evolve in their partnerships and products.

Tree Sturman, Teacher and Robotics Club Coach

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