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competitions is Virtual!

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Roboduel is Robotify's Multiplayer platform where teams across the world can compete against one another in virtual robotics competitions.

Has Your Team Got What it Takes to Win?


Put your programming skills to the test, develop the best algorithms to win, and work with teammates to test and optimize!


Optimize your robots to meet game goals as efficiently as possible, balance the robot capability resources and develop winning strategies.


Test your teams code and robot designs to destruction, see where they break and help your team make the most robust game solutions!

Mission Manager

Organize and support your team, define mission parameters and lay out the overall plan, then help your team execute their winning strategy.

What Students Say About Our Competitions

VRAD has brought me and my team together by giving us a doable objective. Because there are three people on each team. Jobs can include driving, coding, and communicating with opponent teams while the two previous positions are busy during matches.

Gerard Nifras, VRAD Player

Our team had been physically separated due to quarantine. There was little to no hope that we would do a competition this year. However, VRAD changed that by offering an appropriate alternative.

Umair Khan, VRAD Player

After the whole lockdown situation, VRAD gave us a chance to continue working within our club in an effective and manageable manner. Having these competitions be virtual has allowed us and other teams to become part of a community situated around the country.

Fausto Martinez-Escobar, VRAD Player

Put Your Skills to The Ultimate Test and Compete in Our Sponsored Leagues

These global competitions will allow all participants to battle it out for the winning title and some amazing prizes!

Our Interactive Multiplayers Games



Put your coding knowledge to the test with the Humans versus Aliens head to head challenge! Play against other students and race to capture the flag!

Game based learning
Optimize your code
Improve your ranking

Join The Roboduel

When you sign up a team you will have the opportunity to join the community Discord where you can speak with other coaches and students can engage with other vetted students during live events.

Roboduel for

Roboduel is not just for students. Companies can arrange fun, non-work related competitions to keep their teams engaged while working from home.

Not Ready to
Compete Yet?

Check out Robotify EDU, our educational platform that teaches kids how to code using virtual robotics. Learn the basics and apply these skills to our virtual competitions. There will be no stopping you on your way to victory!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you buy Robotify do you have access to all competitions?

No. You will have access to most competitions but some of our sponsored leagues will require an entrance fee and each will vary.

Can you enter a team of 1 or do you have to have more players.

You can always enter a competition as a team of one, but we encourage you to enter with friends as this helps to boost a child's teamwork skills. Teamwork is a core skill for Robotics competitions.

What are the educational benefits of Roboduel?

There are so many benefits that we made a whole page on our website dedicated to this. Check it out here.

How can I sponsor a league with Roboduel?

If you want to sponsor a league with us, then head over to our Business Form on the contact page here and fill it out. We will be in touch to discuss next steps.

Do you have competitions for adults?

Yes. Robotify hosts leagues for educators and companies looking to host competitions for their staff. Get in touch today if you would like to know more about this, just click here.