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Coding Journey

If you want to learn how to code at home, this is the plan for you!  Enjoy every Robotify course, unlimited projects, and participate in coding competitions!

Learn to Code
year flat

What Do You Get For Your Yearly
Robotify Subscription?

Unlimited Projects
Create as many Robotify coding projects as you want!
Full Course Access
Get access to 100+ hours of interactive
Robotify courses.
Participate in virtual robotics competitions from your own home.

All Robotify Users Now Have FULL ACCESS
to Our Brand New Multiplayer Platform, Roboduel!

Not only do our Robotify users get full access to Robotify EDU and our selection of coding courses,
but they can also now compete in global leagues and championships.

What Parents Say About Us

My son (aged 10) is obsessed with Robotify! He loves his fleet of new robots and using them to explore some incredible virtual environments like planet Mars. It’s an amazing platform to get your kids learning in a fun and engaging way.

Maura Moreira, Mother of Robotify User

My son (aged 7) and daughter (age 9) absolutely love Robotify! My kids learned the foundations of coding and they didn't even notice they were learning because they were having so much fun using Robotify’s engaging platform. I’m delighted to see them enjoying themselves so much.

William Hanna, Father of Robotifty Users

My Daughter (aged 9) adores the Robotify platform. I love seeing her taking on real world challenges and seeing her enjoying herself so much while learning. She loves all her new robot companions and accompanying them on their virtual adventures.

Mark Scully , Father of Robotify User

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child sign in?

Once you set up an account for your child with a username and password, all they have to do is go to and sign in using those details.

Does my child need my help if they get stuck?

Robotify is a self paced learning platform for your child to learn at their own pace. Our platform does all the work and carefully guides your child through the challenges with clues and prompts if they get stuck.

Does my child need a particular set up to use Robotify?

No. Robotify is in the browser which means it works online. All you need is wifi and there are no downloads required. Robotify works across all devices like tablets, Chrome books, laptops, computers and even on your phone.

Can my child compete in the competitions?

Yes. All Robotify users will have access to our competitions and will be free to enter once they feel comfortable with their coding skills. Some competitions/leagues are not included. 

What do I get for my yearly subscription?

You will have access to: Our projects platform, unlimited access to our courses and our competition platform Roboduel.

What kind of coding is my child learning?

Robotify teaches block coding. We are planning on introducing python courses very soon.

Can other users contact my child?

Robotify does not have any way for student users to chat to other users or staff. Your child will be safe on our platform and we follow the highest safety standards.