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Robotify is the world's number one virtual robotics coding learning platform. Robotify provides the curriculum, the easy-to-use tools and all the resources you need to run a perfect CS program
in your school.

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What Do You Get For Your Yearly
Robotify Subscription?

Unlimited Projects
Create as many Robotify coding projects as you want!
Unlimited Course Access
Get access to 100+ hours of interactive
Robotify courses.
Compete in the world's first multiplayer
robotics coding competition's.
Professional Development
Robotify premium users are free to reach out to our support team at any time.
Ask questions in our Robotify Community Forum
Get access to lesson plans and learning materials for all of our courses.

All Robotify Users Now Have FULL ACCESS
to Our Brand New Multiplayer Platform, Roboduel!

Not only do our Robotify users get full access to Robotify EDU and our selection of coding courses,
but they can also now compete in global leagues and championships.

Product Additions

Python and Javascript editor
10 full suite courses grades K-8
Monthly programming
challenges on projects feature
Multiplayer world-wide
programming competition
Trailblazer program kick-off

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download any software to use Robotify?

There is no need to download anything - the Robotify platform works fully in - browser!

How do I log in to the Robotify platform?

To log in to the Robotify platform, visit:

Is there only one robot we can use?

No. There are so many robots available to use. You will have access to your own personal fleet of robots.

How do I create an account on Robotify?

To create an account on Robotify, visit: Here, you can create an account by choosing a username, entering an email and choosing a password of your choice.

There is an option to create a ‘student’ account and a ‘teacher’ account on the sign up page, what is the difference?

The student account is used for students and will allow students to have access to all of the educational content, projects platform and our Roboduel platform.

The teacher account also gives access to the above, but in addition to this the teacher account has a purpose built learning management system which contains features like classroom management, educational resources, student analytics, lesson plans and more!

What is available to me with the free trial account on Robotify?

With a student trial account you will have access to a number of our courses and tasks such as Axel’s Mars Adventure, Robotify Basics and Drone Park.

With a teacher trial account, you will also have access to the same number of courses available to students. You will also have access to the learning management system where you can create a classroom and monitor your student’s progress.

What is available to me with the paid account on Robotify?

With a student paid account, you will have full access to all of the Robotify educational courses. This includes the entire 360 tasks of Axel’s Mars Adventure, Robotify Basics, Drone Park, Marine Explorer and our Mini Courses. Plus all of the additional content which is regularly added to the courses platform.

With a teacher account, you will get full access to all of the Robotify educational courses. You will also get full access to our brand new Educator Training Course, the Learning Management System where you can create as many classrooms as you like and also have access to our full suite of Educational Resources which includes curriculum maps and guides, lesson plans, worksheets and more!

What age are Robotify best for?

Robotify is best for children aged 6-14.