Easiest Way For Your
Kids to Learn Coding

Self paced, guided learning
Standard driven and practical
Fun and intuitive

Making Coding Fun For Kids

Prepare your kids to succeed in the future
Over 100 hours of robotics, STEM and programming courses
Learn the fundamentals and seamlessly transition to real-world coding languages
Fun way to learn math, critical thinking and coding skills

Enjoy Learning

We want you to enjoy learning about coding with robots, but we know that sourcing a physical robot can be hard.
Narrated Learning
Enjoy learning with the Robotify narrative learning approach.
Take on the role of a robot, marine biologist or space mission commander.
Be Rewarded
Get rewarded for the steps you get right and receive help when it's really just too difficult.

Build Your Knowledge

We want you to learn by doing, not sitting around watching lecture videos. Get your hands dirty by exploring our virtual environments today.
Visual Coding
Build code using a visual coding language.
Build Confidence
Start with a blank canvas and work your way up to fully functional programs.
Grow & Develop
Learn new ideas and implement them straight away.

Make Something New

Get involved with community projects and challenges, and impress others by making algorithms and solutions that you can share.
Expand The Awesome
Copy exciting community projects to come up with your extensions.
Create algorithms to test and solve problems in virtual environments.
Challenge the Community
Come up with challenges for others to build on and solve.

Get that Feedback

Instant feedback on your task solutions helps you understand new concepts and guides you towards better solutions.
Make Mistakes
Learn by making mistakes and figuring out the right way.
Smart Feedback
Get feedback that's relevant to what you're trying to do.
Virtual Guide
Help get over those coding "speed bumps" by having simple errors highlighted.

Variety of Robots

Robotify is a robot factory! We design and test new robots all the time; you'll get access to a range of robots with all sorts of capabilities.
The Latest & Greatest
Expect new robots regularly with new features.
Variety of Bots
Use a variety of robots in your projects.
Understand the Robots
Learn how new robots work through our courses.

Location Location Location

Not every environment is explorable in real life, but we can help you get there with virtual locations like the depths of the ocean and the surface of Mars.
New Environments Monthly
New physics brings you to low gravity, underwater, and underground environments. Can't get there right now? Don't worry we'll take you there.

A Comprehensive
Programming Curriculum

Our interactive curriculum is designed to complement CSTA & ISTE standards. There is no need for parental guidance or understanding, let our platform do all the work and take your child from beginner to expert coder. Robotify lets students learn at their own pace while also enjoying the gamified experience.

Real Life Challenges in
Extraordinary Virtual Environments

Srvo’s Drone Delivery Service

Control your own delivery drone service. Students will program their drone, Srvo, in this new futuristic city and get the packages from A to B.
Apply programming basics
Think like a designer
3D grid based content

Axel’s Mars Adventure

Students will program their friendly robot companion, Axel and help to complete a range of challenges disguised as mission briefings, all on planet Mars.
Problem and game based learning
Robotics basics: sense, compute, act
Fundamental structures

Axel’s Mars Adventure: Semester 2

The Aliens have landed and Axel needs your help! Axel has now got a whole set of new challenges and some cool new features to help him succeed.
Introduce problem solving methods
Integrate conditionals and sensors
Learn iterative design principles

Robotify Basics

Get to know the basics of coding with Robotify. Interact with Betti, Malik, and their pet robot Hamster, as you navigate their hamster around their apartment.
Great for beginners
Learn how to code with blocks
Take on our special challenges

Treasure Trove

Use the underwater ROV, Lir, to explore a sunken pirate ship. Search for treasure and explore what’s hidden in the ocean depths.
Pilot a realistic ROV
Use data in your program flow
Make a command-line UI

Drone Park

Explore Drone City Park and get to grips with flying robots! Develop your race plan and scout the area ahead of the big night.
Visualize GPS data
Apply problem-solving techniques
Maximize your race efficiency

GBR Tag-and-Track

Explore the Great Barrier Reef and use the underwater rover to tag and track sick animals!
Puzzle based content
Learn about underwater sea creatures
Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Marine Biology Survey

Use Lir to develop a catalog of underwater life in our ocean environment. Take pictures and develop a database of interesting sea creatures.
Visualize GPS data
Apply problem-solving techniques
Maximize your race efficiency

What Parents Say About Us

My son (aged 10) is obsessed with Robotify! He loves his fleet of new robots and using them to explore some incredible virtual environments like planet Mars. It’s an amazing platform to get your kids learning in a fun and engaging way.

Maura Moreira, Mother of Robotify User

My son (aged 7) and daughter (age 9) absolutely love Robotify! My kids learned the foundations of coding and they didn't even notice they were learning because they were having so much fun using Robotify’s engaging platform. I’m delighted to see them enjoying themselves so much.

William Hanna, Father of Robotifty Users

My Daughter (aged 9) adores the Robotify platform. I love seeing her taking on real world challenges and seeing her enjoying herself so much while learning. She loves all her new robot companions and accompanying them on their virtual adventures.

Mark Scully , Father of Robotify User

Want to Compete
in Global Robotics Competitions?

Check out our multiplayer platform Roboduel. Kids can put their coding skills to the ultimate test by competing against teams around the world in our virtual robotics competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child sign in?

Once you set up an account for your child with a username and password, all they have to do is go to edu.robotify.com/login/ and sign in using those details.

Does my child need my help if they get stuck?

Robotify is a self paced learning platform for your child to learn at their own pace. Our platform does all the work and carefully guides your child through the challenges with clues and prompts if they get stuck.

Does my child need a particular set up to use Robotify?

No. Robotify is in the browser which means it works online. All you need is wifi and there are no downloads required. Robotify works across all devices like tablets, Chrome books, laptops, computers and even on your phone.

Can my child compete in the competitions?

Yes. All Robotify users will have access to our competitions and will be free to enter once they feel comfortable with their coding skills. Some competitions/leagues are not included. 

What do I get for my yearly subscription?

You will have access to: Our projects platform, unlimited access to our courses and our competition platform Roboduel.

What kind of coding is my child learning?

Robotify teaches block coding. We are planning on introducing python courses very soon.

Can other users contact my child?

Robotify does not have any way for student users to chat to other users or staff. Your child will be safe on our platform and we follow the highest safety standards.