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Our Engaging Courses

Robotify is accessible to all - no experience required! We’ll give you the help you need to get started.

Robotify Basics

Get to know the basics of coding with Robotify. Interact with Betti, Malik, and their pet robot Hamster.

Great for beginners
Learn how to code with blocks
Take on our special challenges

Humans Vs Aliens

Learn the basics of movement in this great puzzle based course! Avoid obstacles to reach the end of the grid and capture the flag!

Strong math Applications
Grid based learning
Puzzle based content

Treasure Trove

Use the underwater ROV, Lir, to explore a sunken pirate ship. Search for treasure and explore what’s hidden in the ocean depths.

Pilot a realistic ROV
Use data in your program flow
Make a command-line UI

GBR Tag-and-Track

Explore the Great Barrier Reef and use the underwater rover to tag and track sick animals!

Puzzle based content
Learn about underwater sea creatures
Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Code Fundamentals

Learn the complete basics of code in our comprehensive fundamentals course. Throughout this course, you'll help Axel solve a number of puzzles and help out on Mars!

50+ hours of content
360 unique tasks
Learn the fundamentals of programming

Drone Park

Explore Drone City Park and get to grips with flying robots! Develop your race plan and scout the area ahead of the big night.

Visualize GPS data
Apply problem-solving techniques
Maximize your race efficiency

Our courses are always being updated and our team are constantly working to bring new exciting environments to our platform.

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All Plans Include

12 programming courses
Early access to new courses
800+ coding activities
Beginner level courses
Advanced coding
Underwater courses
Create community projects and share
Coding in Blockly and Javascript
Unlimited projects

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Learn with Robotify

Robotify lets you construct your knowledge in fun and engaging environments. Use virtual representations of robots that are hard or impossible to get at home. Learn with specific, relevant feedback and courses designed to get users from zero to programmer!

Enjoy Learning!

We want you to enjoy learning about coding with robots, but we know that getting that physical robot can be hard.

Narrated Learning

Enjoy learning with the robotify narrative learning approach.


Take on the role of a robot, lab technician or space mission commander.

Be Rewarded

Get rewarded for the steps you get right and receive help when it's really just too difficult!

Build Your Knowledge

We want you to learn by doing, not sitting around watching lecture videos but instead get your hands dirty in our robot environments.

Visual Coding

Build code using a visual coding language.

Build Confidence

Start with a blank canvas and work your way up to fully functional programs.

Grow & Develop

Learn new ideas and implement them straight away.

Make Something New

Get involved with community projects and challenges, make algorithms and solutions you can share with others.

Expand The Awesome!

Copy exciting community projects to come up with your extensions.


Create algorithms to test and solve problems in virtual environments.

Challenge the Community

Come up with challenges for others to build on and solve.

Get that Feedback!

Instant feedback on your task solutions helps you understand new concepts and guides you towards better solutions.

Make Mistakes!

Learn by making mistakes and figuring out the right way.

Smart Feedback

Get feedback that's relevant to what you're trying to do.

Virtual Guide

Help get over those coding "speedbumps" by having simple errors highlighted.

A Variety of Robots!

Robotify is a robot factory! We design and test new robots all the time; you'll get access to a range of robots with all sorts of capabilities.

The Latest & Greatest

Expect new robots regularly, with new features.

Variety of Bots

Use a variety of robots in your projects.

Understand the Robots

Learn how new robots work through our courses.

Location Location Location

Not every environment is available to you in real life, but we can help you get there with our virtual locations like the Engineering Lab and Mars.

New Environments Monthly

New physics brings you to low gravity, underwater, and underground environments. Can't get there right now? Don't worry; we'll take you there.

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