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The Easiest Way
to Get Your
School Coding

Robotify provides the curriculum, the easy-to-use tools, and all the resources you need to run a perfect CS program. We're Google Classroom and Clever partners too, offering seamless SSO integration for your school.

Enjoy Learning

We want you to enjoy learning about coding with robots, but we know that sourcing a physical robot can be hard.
Narrated Learning
Enjoy learning with the Robotify narrative learning approach.
Take on the role of a robot, marine biologist or space mission commander.
Be Rewarded
Get rewarded for the steps you get right and receive help when it's really just too difficult.

Build Your Knowledge

We want you to learn by doing, not sitting around watching lecture videos. Get your hands dirty by exploring our virtual environments today.
Visual Coding
Build code using a visual coding language.
Build Confidence
Start with a blank canvas and work your way up to fully functional programs.
Grow & Develop
Learn new ideas and implement them straight away.

Make Something New

Get involved with community projects and challenges, and impress others by making algorithms and solutions that you can share.
Expand The Awesome
Copy exciting community projects to come up with your extensions.
Create algorithms to test and solve problems in virtual environments.
Challenge the Community
Come up with challenges for others to build on and solve.

Get that Feedback

Instant feedback on your task solutions helps you understand new concepts and guides you towards better solutions.
Make Mistakes
Learn by making mistakes and figuring out the right way.
Smart Feedback
Get feedback that's relevant to what you're trying to do.
Virtual Guide
Help get over those coding "speed bumps" by having simple errors highlighted.

Variety of Robots

Robotify is a robot factory! We design and test new robots all the time; you'll get access to a range of robots with all sorts of capabilities.
The Latest & Greatest
Expect new robots regularly with new features.
Variety of Bots
Use a variety of robots in your projects.
Understand the Robots
Learn how new robots work through our courses.

Location Location Location

Not every environment is explorable in real life, but we can help you get there with virtual locations like the depths of the ocean and the surface of Mars.
New Environments Monthly
New physics brings you to low gravity, underwater, and underground environments. Can't get there right now? Don't worry we'll take you there.

A Comprehensive
Programming Curriculum

Our interactive curriculum is designed to complement CSTA & ISTE standards. Robotify lets students learn at their own pace while also enjoying the gamified experience. The curriculum features over 100 hours of robotics, STEM, and programming courses at present.

Enable Your Students to Start Coding

Our Courses Include:

Our Courses Include:
Access to a wide range of virtual robots
Python and Blockly guided courses
Real-life robotics applications and exciting 3D worlds 
For more information on our courses click below!

Technologies We Are
Compatible With

It only takes minutes to set up your own virtual classroom with Robotify’s easy sign-up integrations

Educator Resources

Educator Resource Pack
Guide Book for Educators 
Educator resource documents provide a detailed explanation of each task and solution.
Educator Assistance 
Educators receive instructions on how to help students moving at different paces.
Classroom Management
Import Existing Data 
Robotify allows you to import your existing classroom data from places like Clever Sync, Google Classroom and Microsoft Azure.
Fully Comprehensive Classroom Tools
View important information about your classroom and assign work for your students, all from the management dashboard.
Automatic Assessments
Built-in Quizzes
Students complete built in mini-quizzes at the end of each module to reinforce concepts covered.
Student Progress Metrics
View lesson progress, quiz results, concepts mastered and other insightful performance metrics for your classrooms.
Data Security Compliant
Student data is highly secure and owned by your district. Robotify is GDPR, COPPA, FERPA and SOPIPA compliant. Refer to our terms for more information.

Bring Robotics to Your
School District Quickly
and Affordably

If you are an administrator and would like to inquire about getting Robotify for your students, click below!

What Educators Say About Us

I’m impressed with the way Robotify makes coding engaging and accessible. By virtualizing the technology more young people will have the opportunity to learn and explore.

Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple Computer

Robotify opens up a world of possibilities. From navigating through the Amazon Rainforest to exploring the craters of Mars - students can experience coding like never before.

David Lockett, NASA Educator, STEM Teacher

I truly could not be happier with Robotify. Their staff is highly gifted at their craft and they know how to support schools, students, and teachers. We will come back to them year after year, and we look forward to seeing how they evolve in their partnerships and products.

Tree Sturman, Teacher and Robotics Club Coach

I'm deeply concerned about finding & delivering equitable solutions for our students. It's not possible for every student to have a robot, yet every student should have a robotics experience. Robotify brings the world of robotics to students. It's an equitable & affordable solution.

Calvin Mackie, CEO of STEM NOLA

Robots will have a massive role in the workplace of the future. Young people need to have opportunities to learn to code them. Robotify makes those opportunities possible without the need to purchase real robots. This levels the playing field for our learners.

Karen Young, CEO of Woz ED

Robotify has revolutionised the way we teach coding and robotics to our students. It is a one-stop-shop for amazing educational content in robotics and programming and our students absolutely love it!

Leeanne Hinch, Academic Coordinator at CTYI

Want to Compete
in Global Robotics Competitions?

Check out our multiplayer platform Roboduel. Kids can put their coding skills to the ultimate test by competing against teams around the world in our virtual robotics competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download any software to use Robotify?

There is no need to download anything - the Robotify platform works fully in - browser!

How do I log in to the Robotify platform?

To log in to the Robotify platform, visit:

Is there only one robot we can use?

No. There are so many robots available to use. You will have access to your own personal fleet of robots.

How do I create an account on Robotify?

To create an account on Robotify, visit: Here, you can create an account by choosing a username, entering an email and choosing a password of your choice.

There is an option to create a ‘student’ account and a ‘teacher’ account on the sign up page, what is the difference?

The student account is used for students and will allow students to have access to all of the educational content, projects platform and our Roboduel platform.

The teacher account also gives access to the above, but in addition to this the teacher account has a purpose built learning management system which contains features like classroom management, educational resources, student analytics, lesson plans and more!

What is available to me with the free trial account on Robotify?

With a student trial account you will have access to a number of our courses and tasks such as Axel’s Mars Adventure, Robotify Basics and Drone Park.

With a teacher trial account, you will also have access to the same number of courses available to students. You will also have access to the learning management system where you can create a classroom and monitor your student’s progress.

What is available to me with the paid account on Robotify?

With a student paid account, you will have full access to all of the Robotify educational courses. This includes the entire 360 tasks of Axel’s Mars Adventure, Robotify Basics, Drone Park, Marine Explorer and our Mini Courses. Plus all of the additional content which is regularly added to the courses platform.

With a teacher account, you will get full access to all of the Robotify educational courses. You will also get full access to our brand new Educator Training Course, the Learning Management System where you can create as many classrooms as you like and also have access to our full suite of Educational Resources which includes curriculum maps and guides, lesson plans, worksheets and more!

What age are Robotify best for?

Robotify is best for children aged 6-14.