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Easiest Way For Your
Kids to Learn Coding

Learn in Blockly or Python with 100 hours of guided coding courses.
Access a best-in-class 3D robotics simulator from your web browser.
Apply math, critical thinking, and coding skills while having fun.

Learn with step-by-step instructions

Introduction to Python

Work with Axel as part of the Mars Mission, moving between the Spaceship and Mars environments to take on a range of challenges!
Develop simple Python programs
Make use of control structures such as loops
Meet Axel's companion Byte

Srvo’s Drone Delivery Service

Control your own delivery drone service. Program their drone, Srvo, in a futuristic city and transport packages from point A to B.
Apply programming basics
Think like a designer
3D grid based content

Axel’s Mars Adventure

Program our friendly robot companion, Axel and help to complete a range of challenges disguised as mission briefings, all on planet Mars.
Problem and game based learning
Robotics basics: sense, compute, act
Fundamental structures

Axel’s Mars Adventure: Semester 2

The Aliens have landed and Axel needs your help! Axel has now got a whole set of new challenges and some cool new features to help him succeed.
Introduce problem solving methods
Integrate conditionals and sensors
Learn iterative design principles

Robotify Basics

Start your coding journey with Robotify. Interact with a robot-hamster ball to navigate the apartment and learn the very basics of coding.
Great for beginners
Learn how to code with blocks
Take on our special challenges

Treasure Hunter

Use the underwater ROV, Lir, to explore a sunken pirate ship. Search for treasure and explore what’s hidden in the ocean depths.
Pilot a realistic ROV
Use data in your program flow
Make a command-line UI

Drone Park

Explore Drone City Park and get familiar with flying robotics. Navigate the park race course with a virtual drone.
Visualize GPS data
Apply problem-solving techniques
Maximize your race efficiency

GBR Tag-and-Track

Explore the Great Barrier Reef and use the underwater rover to tag and track local marine life.
Puzzle based content
Learn about underwater sea creatures
Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Marine Biology Survey

Use Lir to develop a catalog of underwater life in our ocean environment. Take pictures and develop a database of interesting sea creatures.
Visualize GPS data
Apply problem-solving techniques
Maximize your race efficiency

Our Project modes

Axel Drawing

Paint with code!

Develop STEM skills

Use geometry concepts to program Axel to paint.

Pick your coding language

Pick your coding language

Choose between Blockly or Python.

Our Project modes

Ciro's Path Follower

Help Ciro explore his environment

Take on the role of the Ciro Explorer Project Team to program a solution to a path follower puzzle.

Learn Design Process

Practice iterative design process.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Develop coding skills using Blockly.

Our Project modes

Axel Tag

Code a game of tag for Axel and Trip!

Help Axel and Trip play tag by creating a coding solution.

A familiar game in a new format

Play a game of Tag, but with the challenge of coding!

Pick your coding language

Choose between Blockly or Python.

Our Project modes

Asteroid Defence

Program a virtual spaceship

Control a virtual turret, alter the turret’s fire rate, rotation and ammunition to get the best score.

Destroy asteroids

Control a spaceship in outer space as it destroys oncoming asteroids.

Improve your block based coding skills

Improve block based coding skills by applying sensors and loops.

Our Project modes

Byte Catch

Play catch with our robo-dog, Byte!

Help Byte play a game of catch by creating a coding solution to catch as many balls as possible.


Learn the fundamentals of the Sense-Compute-Act model using this project!

A great first project!

Byte Catch is our beginner-friendly project mode for Blockly or Python.

Our Project modes

Byte Maze

Develop a maze-solving algorithm

Learn the fundamentals of maze-solving by developing a solver algorithm.

Choose your language

Available in both Blockly and Python for a range of levels!

Different types of Mazes

Practice solving simply or disjoint mazes in Blockly or Python.

Our Project modes

Alli's City Delivery

Real-life applications for code

See how delivery drones work in real life by programming drones to collect packages.

An advanced challenge

Challenge your Python skills with our most advanced project mode.

Practice planning code

Apply all the coding skills you have learned in Robotify to create the best algorithm.

The Easiest Way to Start Coding

Practice critical thinking and creativity.
Learn coding fundamentals with Blockly—a great coding tool for visual learns!
Transition to Python—one of the most popular coding languages.

A Comprehensive
Programming Curriculum

Our interactive curriculum is designed to complement CSTA standards. Learning is all in-platform with tools to help your child learn to code—even if you don't know how! Robotify lets learners code at their own pace while also enjoying a gamified experience.

Enjoy Learning

We want everyone to enjoy learning about coding with robots, but we know that sourcing a physical robot can be hard.
Narrated Learning
Enjoy learning with the Robotify narrative learning approach.
Take on the role of a robot, marine biologist or space mission commander.
Be Rewarded
Get rewarded for completing steps successfully and receive support if needed.

Build Knowledge

Learn by doing, not sitting around watching lecture videos. Experience hands-on learning by exploring our virtual environments.
Visual Coding
Build code using a visual coding language, then build to Python.
Build Confidence
Start from zero coding experience and build coding confidence step-by-step.
Grow & Develop
Learn new ideas and implement them immediately.

Create in Projects

Test knowledge and think critically with projects. Impress others by sharing algorithms and solutions.
Explore Different Solutions
Learn from mistakes and think creatively to optimise code.
Create Algorithms
Play games like tag or solve a maze using your own algorithm.
Challenge Others
Come up with challenges for others to build on and solve.

Get Feedback

Instant feedback on your task solutions helps you understand new concepts and guides you towards better solutions.
Make Mistakes
Learn by making mistakes and problem solving.
Smart Feedback
Get feedback that's relevant to what you're trying to do.
Virtual Guide
Help get over those coding "speed bumps" by having simple errors highlighted.

Variety of Robots

Robotify is a robot factory! We design and test new robots all the time; access a range of robots with different capabilities.
The Latest & Greatest
Expect new robots regularly with new features.
Variety of Bots
Use a variety of robots in projects.
Understand the Robots
Learn how new robots work through our courses.

Explore the Universe

Not every environment is explorable in real life, but we can help you get there with virtual locations like the depths of the ocean and the surface of Mars.
Explore Outer-space
Complete a mission on Mars in Axel's Mars Adventure.
Design the Future
Learn to build a delivery drone system in a futuristic city.
Discover Ocean Life
Use an underwater robot to explore the ocean floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child sign in?

First, make sure you create an account for yourself. Next, go to Educator Home on From here you can set up an account for your child. Once you set up an account for your child with a username and password, all they have to do is go to and sign in using those details.

Does my child need my help if they get stuck?

Robotify courses are filled with self-paced challenges that teach the fundamentals of coding in Blockly or Python. We also have resources available in platform to briefly explain the large concepts of each course for a more complete computer science curriculum.

Does my child need a particular set up to use Robotify?

No—Robotify is in the browser which means it works online. We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. All you need is WiFi and there are no downloads required. Robotify works across all devices like tablets, Chrome books, laptops, computers and even on your phone.

What do I get for my yearly subscription?

You will have access to courses like Axel's Mars Adventure, Introduction to Python, or SRVO's Delivery Service. You also have access to create unlimited projects in various coding challenge game modes. Educator Resources and Parent Guides are available to help guide you through Courses and Projects.

What kind of coding is my child learning?

Robotify offers coding lessons in Blockly and Python. Blockly is great for beginner coders who prefer a visual coding language. Python is a text based language used in web development, data science, finance, and so much more!

Can other users contact my child?

Robotify does not have any way for student users to chat to other users or staff. Your child will be safe on our platform and we follow the highest safety standards. 

How do I manage my subscription?

Subscriptions to manage your Robotify subscription or for any queries regarding your subscription, contact us at: 

Phone: +1 8773792572


Chatbot: Use the chatbot at

Contact Us Form: Fill out the form at