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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child sign in?

First, make sure you create an account for yourself. Next, go to Educator Home on From here you can set up an account for your child. Once you set up an account for your child with a username and password, all they have to do is go to and sign in using those details.

Does my child need my help if they get stuck?

Robotify courses are filled with self-paced challenges that teach the fundamentals of coding in Blockly or Python. We also have resources available in platform to briefly explain the large concepts of each course for a more complete computer science curriculum.

Does my child need a particular set up to use Robotify?

No—Robotify is in the browser which means it works online. We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. All you need is WiFi and there are no downloads required. Robotify works across all devices like tablets, Chrome books, laptops, computers and even on your phone.

What do I get for my yearly subscription?

You will have access to courses like Axel's Mars Adventure, Introduction to Python, or SRVO's Delivery Service. You also have access to create unlimited projects in various coding challenge game modes. Educator Resources and Parent Guides are available to help guide you through Courses and Projects.

What kind of coding is my child learning?

Robotify offers coding lessons in Blockly and Python. Blockly is great for beginner coders who prefer a visual coding language. Python is a text based language used in web development, data science, finance, and so much more!

Can other users contact my child?

Robotify does not have any way for student users to chat to other users or staff. Your child will be safe on our platform and we follow the highest safety standards. 

How do I manage my subscription?

Subscriptions will AUTOMATICALY RENEW after one year. To manage your Robotify subscription or for any queries regarding your subscription, contact us at: 

Phone: +1 8773792572


Chatbot: Use the chatbot at

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