The future of robotics
competitions is Virtual!

Are You Ready to Compete?

Roboduel is Robotify's Multiplayer platform. Teams across the world can compete against one another in virtual robotics competitions.

Has your team got what it takes to win?


Put your programming skills to the ultimate test. Develop the best algorithms to win, and work with teammates to test and optimize!


Complete game challenges as efficiently as possible by optimizing your robots, balancing capability resources, and developing winning strategies.


Test your team's code and robot designs to destruction. See where they break and help your team make the most robust game solutions!

Mission Manager

Organize and support your team. Define mission parameters and lay out the overall plan to help your team execute a winning strategy.

Our Interactive Multiplayers Games

Put your coding knowledge to the test with the Humans Vs. Aliens head to head challenge! Play against other students and race to capture the flag!

  • Game based learning
  • Optimise your code
  • Get ranked and points feedback

Educational Benefits of Roboduel

Join the Roboduel

When you sign up a team you will have the opportunity to join the community discord where you can speak with other coaches and students can engage with other vetted students during live events.

Roboduel for

To stay in touch with other users and our experts, who can help guide you on your path to success, we have set up our own community on discord!

Not ready to
Compete yet?

Check out Robotify EDU our educational platform that teaches kids how to code using virtual robotics. Learn the basics and apply these skills to our virtual competitions, there will be no stopping you on your way to victory!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there only one robot we can use?