Robotify Team Up With CoderDojo to Create The World's First Virtual Robosumo Wrestling Challenge

Many of you may never have heard of robosumo. Well, it is in fact exactly what you think it may be. Two robots in a ring trying to barge one another out of the circle. It is the modern day counterpart to the traditional Japanese sport of Sumo wrestling. After seeing the wonderful robosumo competitions across the world, it was a goal of ours to build this functionality into our platform.

I'm delighted to announce today that we have teamed up with CoderDojo to deliver the Robotify x CoderDojo Robosumo wrestling challenge to young minds across the world. As part of the partnership over 2,000 dojos and 58,000 young innovators will be able to engage in the global challenge.

Could you crack the algo?

The unique collaboration will utilise the Robotify project system where students can experience all the thrill of Robotify without the learning system. Students will follow the quick tutorial and furthermore write their own algorithm to push the AI opponent out of the ring. Dojos from all across the world can share their algorithms with each other and progressively implement updates to their code.

RoboSumo is a special Robotify challenge built just for CoderDojo! You have been sent on an exciting training course in a Sumo Ring at the top of Mt. Fuji. Your mission is to write a cool program to push the AI opponent out of the ring. You will be joining a community of thousands of other aspiring sumo coders. Get ready, but most of all remember to have fun!

In time there will be more to report but stay tuned to our social media accounts where we will be sharing awesome projects - who knows maybe even one day we might do more challenges like this 😉. We are super excited for the potential of this really cool challenge and we relish the opportunity to work with another Irish-founded company like CoderDojo 🇮🇪. Happy wrestling and DO try this at home! 🤖 🤼‍♀️ 🇯🇵 🗻