COVID-19 & Robotify's Virtual Robots: Doing Our Bit to Help

In 1665 Isaac Newton was told to stay home from college in Cambridge due to the Great Plague of London. It was at that time Newton took it upon himself to solve problems and understand new concepts. It was also at that time while in his family home of Woolsthorpe Manor he looked out the window to see a tree, an apple tree. It was this simple apple tree that inspired work which changed the course of humanity forever. These events took place during a stressful time globally with the Plague running rampant throughout much of Europe. In this similar time of global significance, students across the world are no longer in classrooms but in fact using digital tools with parents to aide learning.

We aren't expecting your 8 year old to discover gravity or solve the world's issues but now is an opportunity for children to learn how to code using virtual robots and become the next great maker of their generation. We are facing a global crisis which has stunned the world in just weeks. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, schools across the world have been closing. As schools close, access to classroom shared robots is cut off. For that reason, we've decided to make a decision - to help encourage the creation of 1000s of young Isaac Newtons.

Easing The Burden

This is a tough time for parents especially when it comes to thinking of things to do with the kids. Robotify offers a unique position to ensure that behavioural solutions, such as self isolating is easier and more effective for children and the parent who will be remote. These kinds of technologies are currently extremely effective in countries like Singapore and Germany.

We strongly believe we can free up you, the parent, as a result of the innovative courses on the Robotify platform. What does that mean? It means you can get important work done while also giving your kids something fun and intuitive to focus on.

Free Courses and Projects

Today, we're making over 50% of Robotify's courses free for up 90 days so that your children can embark on their journey to become the Isaac Newton of the future. We're also giving away access to some of our coolest environments in the collaborative projects feature. In this time of negativity and despair, we hope we can bring joy into the life of kids across the world and teach them about coding using some of the coolest robots around. It's something we're all really excited about in here and there are some cool announcements too.

Free Teacher Access

Clever offers SSO to over 50% of US schools. We're allowing teachers free access to the brand-new analytics dashboard.

We're also very excited to announce our partnership with Clever ( to bring our teacher package free to all school teachers experiencing closures in this time of need. Whether your robots are locked up in the school or not - Robotify can provide those bots virtually. As part of this we're also giving full free access to the Robotify teacher analytics dashboard for your classroom until the point that schools are open again. It's pretty easy actually as an educator, you can just login with clever and it should load all of your students into Robotify automatically. If you don't have Clever in your school or district that's okay too - just fill out the form here to get access for your classroom.

Huge Discount

It can be difficult as a startup in these times to give away stuff for free but ultimately we feel it is the right thing to do and we hope customers and users can see that. As part of this, for full premium access we've decided to slash our yearly access price by 50%. This will give users access to the latest and greatest courses like our Mars Phobos course coming soon. It would also be a fantastic support for our startup in this time of great uncertainty. We will get through this if we come together and take positives moving forward.

New Courses, New Robotify

We're also really delighted today to announce the release of Robotify 1.0 with new courses that will give kids across the world the thrill of controlling a lot of super cool robots. We've launched a brand-new mobile and tablet friendly learning dashboard, teacher and parent analytics, as well as new fantastic courses you can see below.

Treasure Hunter & Marine Biology Survey

Code your underwater ROV to explore an ancient shipwreck and survey animals like a marine biologist.

Welcome to the underwater world of Treasure Hunter and become a Marine Explorer. Here you will take control of an underwater remotely operated vehicle, our robot LIR! Learn to explore the depths with programs that teach you how to: use functions, loops and variables; collect, store, and retrieve data; and control a complex robot through a text user interface you can develop yourself. This exciting environment includes a sunken pirate ship to explore, numerous deep sea creatures, and a dark abyss holding a giant secret.

Drone Park & Drone Racer

Write code to survey the drone park and take part in a super-cool night time race!

Get involved in the drone racing craze, without having to buy that expensive drone first. Explore the Drone Park and its Drone Racer wicket course, scouting and capturing images to make your plans for the big night race. Develop programs that use arrays to set a racing route for your automatic drone racer. Capture, store, and retrieve images in an image storage system you develop yourself. Fly through the Drone Park wicket by wicket on your way to a win!

No doubt there will be challenges and tough times ahead, but we hope kids across the world can inspire change and use this opportunity to learn about new concepts and how we can use technology to improve people's lives.


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